Eggshell Christmas Ornaments

Goose and Emu Eggshells
Give as a gift or decorate your own tree with these beautiful Handmade Ornaments!



Craft Fair Display Cases

2017 Eggs


My Santa Doggie $45.00

My Dog Looks Just Like Rudolf ! Plumb Colored Egg $45.00 SOLD

Mary and Baby Jesus with a Lamb Silk Print Light Tan Egg $40.00 SOLD

Sledding Boys Bright Green Jumbo Egg $85.00 SOLD

Putting up the Christmas Lights $85.00 Jumbo Egg

Putting on My Ice Skates $45.00

Putting on Frosty's Nose $40.00


Girl with Potted Tree Front and Back $85.00 Jumbo Egg

Snowman and Snowchild with Bunny $85.00 Jumbo Egg

Mauve Mary and Jesus Silk Print with Pink Heart $50.00 SOLD

Mary and Jesus with Halos Silk Print Light Green Egg $40.00 SOLD


Lion Lies Down with the Lamb Blue Egg Bird and Holly decal $45.00 SOLD

Dressing my Cat for Christmas $50.00

Nativity Scene in a Blue Egg $50.00 SOLD

Silk Print Nativity Scene Blue with Crystals $40.00

Toys for Christmas $80.00 SOLD

White Tiger with Cubs $85.00 Jumbo Egg

Kids Mailing Letter to Santa $85.00 Jumbo Egg SOLD

African American Angels with Bow $85.00 Jumbo Egg SOLD

Happy Dog on Christmas Morning $85.00 Jumbo Egg

Drinking from the Pond 50.00


Chopping Wood $40.00

Buck and Doe $45.00

Bear in an Extra Large Goose Egg $75.00 Jumbo Egg

Lady Caroling with her Dog $75.00 Jumbo Egg

Light Lavender and Pink with Three African American Angels $85.00 Jumbo Egg

Mary and Baby Jesus Silk Print on Purple Egg $50.00 SOLD

Snow Princess with Black, Brown or Blonde (SOLD) Hair $45.00 Each

Brown Hair Front and Side Picture

Kitty and Gingerbread Man Extra large Egg $80.00 Jumbo Egg

Skating Couple Extra Large Goose Egg in Mauve $85.00 Jumbo Egg

Old Fashioned Santa Silk Print with Crystals $40.00

Blue Old Fashioned Santa without crystals $35.00 SOLD


Poppa and Son Snowman with Dog $70.00 SOLD


Santa Delivering a Puppy Extra Large Olive Green Egg $80.00


Mailing letters to Santa Extra Large Goose Egg Burgundy $85.00 SOLD


Little Girl Rescuing a Puppy $45.00


Jesus in Light Tan Egg on a Stand $90.00 Jumbo Egg SOLD


Dog with Santa Hat $85.00 Jumbo Egg

3 Angels in Extra Large Mauve Goose Egg with Glitter $85.00 Jumbo Egg

Regular Size Goose Egg Ornaments

Very High Gloss Ornaments are Difficult to Photograph

Mary & Baby Jesus $30.00 SOLD

High Gloss Santa


High Gloss Santa Face $30.00

Holy Family $30.00 SOLD


Emu Eggs on Stands

Carved Emu Egg with Nativity $175.00 SOLD


Carved Emu Egg with Santa and His Pet Goose $175.00

High Gloss Jesus the Shepherd $35.00

USA Egg (blue egg with cystal chain) $40.00

Egg Ornament Sizes

From Left to Right: Regular Goose Egg, Jumbo Goose Egg and Emu Egg

Ornaments are grouped by Egg Size

NEW Emu Egg Ornaments

These eggs are heavier than the goose ornaments at around 4+ Ounces. Shipping charges will be more for these eggs.

Eggs measure about 8 1/2" from the Hanging Ring on top to the Bottom

of the Crystal Tear Drop and 11 1/2 inches or more around the center.

*Caroling Family*

This Figurine is flocked to give the family a very soft look. $125.00


Emu Egg Firefighter Ornament $125.00


A Kitty and a Puppy for Christmas Emu Egg Ornament $125.00

Santa Making Toys Emu Egg Ornament $125.00

Kitty With Cookies Waiting for Santa $125.00


Painted with Acylic paints on the Natural Color of the Egg


Natural Green Emu Egg with Hand Painted Pointsettia on front and side.

Large Crystal Studded Bead on Top. Number 1: $125.00

Natural green colored Emu Egg with hand Painted Pointsettia on both sides.

Topped with a large Crystal Studded Bead. Number 2: $125.00

Natural green colored Emu Egg with hand Painted Pointsettia on both sides.

Topped with a large Crystal Studded Bead. Number 3: $125.00

Hand Painted Emu Egg with Roses, Holly and Pines Needles with Berries $250.00


*Jumbo Goose Egg Ornaments*

"In Love" Mauve (MAUVE SOLD)or Taupe Colored Goose Egg $85.00 each

In Love Olive Green $85.00


Three Angels in Golden Egg with Faux Stained Glass $85.00

Three Angels in Lavender $75.00

Angels in a Pinkish Red Egg with Faux Stained Glass $85.00

Happy Santa Mauve or Red Colored Egg $85.00 each RED SANTA on right SOLD

Snowman with Puppy (Blue Egg) Sold Snowman with Kitten (taupe egg) $75.00 each


Sable Puppy for Christmas. Pale Blue Jumbo Goose Egg with Blue and White Glitter $95.00 SOLD


Two Kittens for Christmas. Lavendar Jumbo Egg with Purple and White Glitter $95.00


We got to meet Santa! Light Green Jumbo Egg with Dark Greene and Gold Glitter $95.00

Caroling $75.00

Nutcracker and Toys for Christmas $85.00 SOLD

Lovely Angel $75.00

Happy Angel $75.00

Heavenly Angels $85.00

Deer Family at Pond $65.00 Light Blue

Black and White Puppy for Christmas Front and Back view $85.00

Look What Santa Left Outside by My Doghouse for Me! $85.00

Look What Santa Brought $85.00 (SOLD)

My Paws are Cold! $65.00

Kitten Tearing Up the Packages $75.00

Bonded Pair With Their Guardian Angel $85.00

Dogggie for Christmas $85.00 SOLD

A White Doggie For Christmas $75.00 SOLD


Kitten for Christmas $75.00 SOLD

Teddy Bear Egg Green $65.00

Santa Delivering Toys with His Latern $85.00 SOLD

Caroling Angel $65.00

Caroling Mickey $75.00

Sledding Kids $85.00

Puppy Rescue $75.00

*Goose Eggs With Doors*

*These eggs are made with Jumbo Goose Eggs and are heavier*.

Purple Egg with Old Fashioned Santa on Front and Mrs Santa with Cat and Kitten waiting for

Santa to Come Home. Silver Trim. $165.00

Light Blue Egg with Kitten and Presents $165.00

Cookies and Milk for Santa $165.00

Lavender Egg with Teddy Bear and Milk and Cookies $165.00

A Puppy for Christmas Blue Egg $165.00

Santa and Baby Angel looking in the window on outside Green Egg with a Puppy and Kitten inside. $165.00

Kitten Playing in the Christmas Packages Green $165.00

House in the Forest. Green Egg $165.00

Lavender Egg with Forest Scene on Outside Church in the Forest on Inside $165.00

Purple Colored Egg with Tine Nativity Inside $180.00 SOLD

Light Blue/Green Egg with Angel inside $165.00

Mauve Egg with Angel inside $165.00

Mary and Baby Jesus Goose Egg with Door Taupe $165.00

Deep Burgundy Egg With Santa Scene on the Inside $165.00

Lavender Egg with Snow Princess Inside $125.00


Regular Sized Goose Eggs with Doors

Green Egg with Kitten and Presents inside $125.00


Pink Egg with Fireplace Christmas Scene Inside $125.00


Regular Sized (smaller) GOOSE EGG ORNAMENTS

Brunette Snow Princess or Blonde (Blonde Princess Sold) $45.00 each


Choir Boys with Stained Glass $60.00


Light Blue Egg with Deer Family at Pond $40.00 SOLD

Red Egg with Polar Bear Momma and Cub $40.00

Old Fashioned Girls with Toys in a Lavender Egg $45.00

Mom and Daughter going for a walk in the snow (lavender egg w/ netting in back) $40.00 SOLD

Father walking with daughter (light green egg with painted holly) $40.00 Sold

Girl pulling her Cat on a Sled (Burgundy egg w/gold netting in back) $45.00 SOLD


Girl petting Dog (light blue egg) $45.00 SOLD


Girl with Doggie (red egg with glitter) $40.00

Woman Decorating Trees (lavender egg) $65.00 SOLD


The Lion Lies Down with the Lamb $45.00 SOLD


Angel playing Cello (chocolate colored egg with glitter) $45.00


Angel Blowing Trumpet (blue egg with glitter) $45.00 SOLD

Making a Snowman $50.00 SOLD



Santa Reading by the Fireplace (red egg with green glitter) $50.00

Santa Walking through the Forest (purple egg with glitter) $45.00 SOLD


Santa in house with fireplace, tree and presents (burgundy egg) $50.00 SOLD

Old Fashioned Santa on his way todeliver toys on Christmas Eve (chocolate colored egg) $40.00

Santa with Candy Canes, Tree and Presents (pale green egg-gold netting in back) $35.00 SOLD


Ho Ho Ho Santa $35.00

Santa Holding a Star Red and Green Crystal Chain $50.00

Santa Holding His Toy Bag $45.00

Santa with Tree and Presents (red egg with red glitter) $45.00

Cute Teddy Bear Santa with Candy Canes and Decorated Tree (purple) $45.00 SOLD

Cute Girl Teddy Bear Holding a Cupcake (inverted lavender egg) $45.00

Mrs. Santa Mouse Stuffing a Christmas Sock $45.00 SOLD


Happy Snowman $35.00

Snowman With Tree $35.00

Snowman with Bunny holding Candy Cane (light blue) $35.00

Snowman with Bunny (light blue) $35.00 SOLD

Snowman with Fawn (red egg with red and green cystal chain) $45.00

Snowman with Baby Fawn $35.00 SOLD

Other Chistmas Eggs

Cute Mouse Couple taking a stroll (green egg) $35.00

Carousel Horse (Purple egg with red and green cystal chain) $50.00 Sold

Polar Bear Waving from Train Engine $35.00

Green Toy Soldier with Candy Canes $35.00

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